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Related post: Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 12:46:56 EST From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi 11Randi XI, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. It marks installment II of a very important point in balck male model my life as I visit, for the first time since that point six months ago, that city on the left coast where my bisexual virginity was compromised. I finished it and am submitting it from London as my husband, our kidlets and I enjoy top bikina models a long-planned vacation.Please keep your feedback coming to my toni526 hotmail address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now. . .Randi XI -- Behemoth revisited IIOur limo exited the airport at about 6AM, Pacific Time and sped onto the heavy early morning freeway traffic, deftly changing lanes and hurrying towards the downtown San Francisco area. As usual, Janine, my superstar techie, was extremely animated, her great bulk almost shaking the limo as she made a point to Chen about the project we were about to finalize. Chen, of course, argued hard and well, and, as usual, to no avail. Well, no one, least of all me, argues too much with Janine. One of the most sought-after professionals young ass models in the country when it came to web- enabled system development, nothing short of an insurrection was preeteen stocking models going to pry Janine away from me. And, Chen was the perfect foil for her. Bouncing arguments and ideas off his thin body and brain worked to perfection, a team that would not be broken up under any circumstances.I stole a glance across the seat to Irish, her head down reading the USA Today passed out on the plane just before landing. Sensing my attention, her eyes peered up at me under beautifully shaped eyebrows, the usual evil little smile curling her lips. Shaking my head in mock disgust, I made one more entry onto my Thinkpad and closed it up, placing it carefully back into my briefcase. Soon, the limo pulled up to the entrance to the Mark Hopkins Hotel and we checked into our suites. We had about 2 hours to catch our breaths, shower and have some breakfast before visiting our SF offices.As soon as I entered my suite, I dropped my briefcase on the desk and immediately called Ryan in New York. "Hi, Honey," I breathed into the phone as soon as the phone was picked up. "I understand your wife is out of town. Is ls model collection it safe to come by?""Sure, Mommy. Come on over," whispered a tiny, six year old voice, quickly followed by a long, loud giggle."Hi, Princess," I said with an embarrassed squirm. "How come you're up so early?""It's nine o'clock, mommy. I've been up for hours. I was in the bathroom and heard the phone, so I ran into the bedroom to get it. Here's Daddy, Mommy. I love you," she said, kissing me through the phone."Love you too, little one," I whispered, returning her kiss."Hey, lover, just get in?" Ryan's sleep-thick voice got my juices flowing again, as always."Mmmmm, yeah," I whispered through a stretch and yawn. "Forgot the time change for a minute. God, I hate this shit, honey. Please, please talk to Charlotte expectant nude models about arranging our trip. Okay?""Do it today, love. Promise. As soon as this flu bug let's me walk. I love you, you know.""God, Ryan, we have to make more personal time. This vacation will really do it for us and the kiddies. Well, Gotta go. Need a shower before breakfast. Bye, love." I kissed him through models for boys the phone.I replaced the telephone in its cradle and walked into the bedroom where my suitcases had already been opened by the bellboy. I handed him a tip and waited until he left. I arranged my outfit for the day, including my best underwear and began to undress. Naked, I walked into the bath, happy to see a large, class-enclosed shower and reached in to turn on the water, adjusting the temperature. I leaned against the sink and stared at my reflection in the mirror.Not bad, I thought. Just a few, tiny wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and mouth. Nothing that a plastic surgeon couldn't fix, I giggled to myself. I did look tired, though. Vacation time, after four years, would come at just the right time. I slid the door to the shower wide and slipped inside. I stood directly under the shower, feeling the sharp beads strike and soothe my body, trying to wash away my exhaustion. Placing my hands before me, I leaned my head against the wall, my eyes closed as the spray cascade down my back, over my ass, tickling my body.I felt a cool blast of air against my wet back, sending a tingle throughout my body. Then, I felt her. Her strong hands touching my wet body, her breasts with hardened nipples touching my back and watched the chocolate hands reaching around my firex model 4518 body to encompass my breasts, gently squeezing tiny ass models the soft flesh, her fingers pinching my nipples. I crasy teen models squealed as I felt amateur wife models her hot lips touch the naked product models delicate flesh at the back of my neck and turned around to face my favorite assistant."Mmmmmmmmmmm," I murmured as her lips found mine, her eager tongue diving into my mouth, searching for and easily finding mine. "Irish, Sweet, how did you get in here?" I murmured, breaking the kiss and leaning back against the wall."Perks of being the bosslady's assistant", she whispered, her hands caressing my shoulders, my arms. "I just told the clerk downstairs prelittle nonnude models that you needed an additional key card for me for emergencies. Isn't this an emergency?" she asked, her evil smile and wagging tongue making my pussy drip even more.Reaching past me, Irish grasped the hanging bar of soap and began to lather her hands. Soft, slippery, strong hands began to soap my shoulders and arms, my armpits as I leaned back again, my body flush with the wall. My eyes closed, I relished the feel of her strong fingers massaging the lather into my chest, my breasts, rolling them around on my chest. God, what a way to wake up in uninhibited teen models the morning, a gentle, massaging shower with a black goddess, slippery fingers squeezing my nipples. I felt her lips lick off the lather as she sucked hard at my right tittie, her tongue wrapping around my steel-hard nipple. Suddenly, her teeth grasped my little gumdrop, lightly chewing on it, her tongue tickling across the tip instinctively. My hands baltimore teen modeling came up to hold her face against my tittie, spasms of mini-orgasms coursing through my body. I groaned my passion as her lips skipped across my chest to my left breast and repeated her laving action.Irish began to soap my tummy, rubbing me with slippery hands that stopped momentarily as her fingers slid into my belly button, pushing deep, further stoking my fires. My perteen young models legs were already weakened as her hands slid down to my red bush, pulling on the hairs, then rubbing hard. I opened my eyes so see the marvelous darkness of her body as she knelt before me, her hands now touching my dripping pussy. I watched as she placed her cheek against my pussy, her hands sliding behind me, lathering my ass. Her fingers slid into my crack, moving the lather all over my tiny asshole, her fingers sliding easily into my hole. At that point, my legs refused to held me and I slid down to my knees.Pushing her down to the flooded tile floor, I lay atop her magnificent body, my breasts dwarfed by her huge titties, my nipples touching hers. I attacked her soft lips with a vengance, tasting the soap that covered our bodies, my hands immediately grasping those delicious, chocolate breasts. My God, what have I done to deserve this magnificent beauty, I thought as my hands squeezed, pressed, rolled her breasts, my lips locked on hers. Irish arched her back, her pussy grinding into mine."Oh, God, Randi, you are so good to me," Irish moaned, her hands stroking my back, my ass, my asshole, everywhere her hands could reach."Irish, Irish, God," I whispered, stroking her soft, dark flesh,I moved off Irish's body and sat beside her. I reached out and took her right leg, my hands stroking the softness of her, moving down her inner thigh to her delicious pussy. I watched Irish writhe under my tough, my fingers touching her tightly curled hair, finding and sliding into her pussy hole. She let out a loud cry of passion, her hands grasping mine, pushing my fingers deeper into her pussy. I turned around to face her and placed my leg under her raised leg, bringing my pulsating porno modell fuck pussy directly against hers. As our pussies touched, both Irish and I screamed aloud as we began to drive against each other, rocking hard, fucking each other, our pussies grinding hard. Her hands reached out to my ameture models nude hips, pulling my pussy harder against hers as my hands reached up to hold tight to her fabulous titties."Oh, God, God, God, Randi," Irish screamed, louder than the sound of the pouring water. Harder and harder we rocked, sliding around in the hot steamy shower, the stream directly falling on our joined pussies. Stars exploded behind my eyes as my orgasm began to climb, matching the urgent screams coming from Irish's lips. At last, my hands slid down to grasp her soft, protruding ass, my fingers sinking deep into her clutching asshole, pulling her hard against me as my orgasm hit full force."Oh, God, Irish!" I screamed as it hit me so hard, our scissoring legs arched and pushed until suddenly we both froze, screaming our passion together, our hands flying to each other's faces to kiss deeply, soulfully, our passionate squeals lost within each other's mouths.As one, Irish and I collapsed in a heap, the shower continuing to pound on our flesh. We lay together on the shower tiles for several minutes, holding each other, cuddling, stroking. japan kinder model At last, we stared at each other, our eyes locking until, as one, we began to laugh uncontrollably, rollicking on the floor like two school children. I stood up and helped her to her feet and reached again for the soap. With soapy hands, I cleaned up all the missed juicies all around her delicious, sweet pussy, her ukraine model 12yr inner thighs, her asshole. Returning the favor, Irish cleansed me.Smacking her playfully on her fabulous ass, I said, "Now, get back to your room and get dressed. I don't know what time it is, but I can just see Janine and Chen laughing themselves silly that we're late!"Slipping into her robe, Irish was about to leave when her assistant's expertise kicked into high gear. "Hey, Bosslady, have you noticed that you have a message flashing on your phone? Better get that. Maybe Ryan Hunk is on his way out here to surprise you," she said, skipping teens models tiny to the door.As the door closed, I went to the desk and pressed the message button. I listened to the message with shock and mounting concern."Hi, this is Beverly, Doreen's assistant? I have some bad news. Doreen was rushed to the hospital last evening with a mild heart attack. The doctors say that she'll be fine. It was just a mild one, most likely due to the huge weight loss during the past few months. She'll be there for about 4-5 days and I'm supposed to keep you entertained and direct your team for you while she's beatuiful brunette models out. Here's her room pteen nude models number and the hospital. You can call her. See you at nine AM.Beverly . . ."Oh, my girl model nonude God! I ran around behind the desk and dialed the hospital and asked for Doreen's room. ls model sample A nurse answered and asked me to wait for a moment."Randi?" Doreen's voice came through the telephone, subdued and obviously medicated."Doreen, sweetheart. Are you alright? I just got Beverly's message. I am so frightened for you, love," I whispered, tears in my eyes."Oh, come on, little marshmellow. I'm going to be fine. It was just a mild little hit. I've got a big heart and I'll be fine. I was going to surprise you when you got here. I lost over 100 pounds, too quickly according to the docs. Put some strain on my heart muscles and let it put a little chink in my armor, that's all. I will be fine!""Oh, God, love, I was so worried. My virginity taker sick! But, how did you lose so much weight so quickly?" I asked, relief flooding through me."Had an operation. They bypass the stomach and create a little pouch instead, directly into the intestines. Shit, a couple model litlle nude of crackers and cheese and I'm full! I was feeling fine until last night. Don't worry. The next time you see me, you'll think I'm your friend Cleo!""God, I was so looking forward to seeing you again, love. I even planned on sneaking my assistant into the mix, too," I laughed."Next time, love, I promise. I'll take good care of myself and be ready to roar with you," she nude modells pics said, her voice becoming noticeably stronger. "You do know that I have had all your stories bound into a hard cover, don't you? Each time you come out with a new one, I print it and take it to the binder and have them add it. young models org It's my coffee table book of choice. All my friends grab it as soon as they get in the door! They especially love chapter one, of course! bikini tits model vladmodels zhenya board And, so do I, love."'We'll stop by the hospital as soon as we finish up here today. Love and kisses, sweetie," I kissed, then hung up the telephone. I immediately called home to lauriemodel pics tell Ryan, letting him sooth my ruffled feathers, then promised to live for him for handjob teen model the rest of my life.Janine and Chen had already finished their breakfast and were chilling over coffee as I arrived. Irish was at the buffet table, filling her plate with eggs and bacon. I picked up a plate and took only fruit cocktail, as I wanted to stay in shape for our coming vacation. I sat down and, before devouring my breakfast, explained what had happened to Doreen. Everyone knew Doreen and was honestly shocked and saddened. We planned our trip to her bedside as soon as the day was over. As I ate, listening to Janine rant and rave once more, I was beginning to feel a little better.An hour later, our limo pulled up before the office building not far from the hotel. As we exited the elevator on our company's floor, we were immediately ushered into a large conference room, where a number of people sat waiting for us. As we had expected, they were tense, alert to the home office people showing up to take over the design of a very important project. Exactly the type of environment upon which Janine and I thrive. After initial introductions, I preeteen model videos appointed Janine to lead the facilitation of the meeting and excused myself. Irish would be taking copious notes.As I left the conference room, the company CEO walked up, surprising me, having just arrived from New York. He gave me kacy preeten model a finger-breaking handshake and congratulated me for the Dallas job. I accepted his words with more grace than I thought I invisible bikini models had in me. I usually get so flustered at compliments, bikini model pussy but this was not only for me, but also for my fabulous team. We had a long talk in his borrowed office, which ended with a promotion and a bonus. I couldn't wait to tell my people about it.Before returning to the conference room, I walked back to Doreen's office area and there, just as six months ago, sat Beverly, Doreen's beautiful, long-legged secretary, her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders and around, so that long strands fell over her breasts. Wow, I thought. I hadn't really looked at her when I was here the ls models info last time. She was really breathtaking. Upon seeing me, she immediately rose and danced toward me, her arms out."So good to see you again," Beverly said, offering her hand, soft and supple, yet very, very strong. God, this lady was as strong as she was tall! I held her hand for somewhat longer than usual, watching her eyes. Strange, I thought. Ice. very nude model Cold, calculating, untrusting."Beverly, can we speak in private for a moment?" I asked, nodding toward Doreen's office. Nodding assent, she led the way, opening the door and walking inside. Following her inside, I closed the door and deftly locked it. I sat on the edge of the desk as Beverly walked to the huge, floor-ceiling windows."Have you heard anything more about Doreen? I asked, watching Beverly fidget with her hands, her eyes darting around the room."Yes, yes. I spoke to her doctor. She's going to be fine. Probably the rest of the week in the hospital and about a week or less at home and she'll be back on her broomstick and fly young ebony model back to the office," she joked. She was obviously very concerned, very much in like with Doreen. And, also troubled."Alright, Beverly," I began. "What's bothering you? You've been about as friendly as Hillary Clinton at an Israeli consulate. What's bugging you?"Walking back and forth before the windows, Beverly said, dave brooke model "I read your story about Doreen. You write with such passion! As I read it and some of the other stories, I didn't know who to envy more: you with Doreen, or Doreen with you."She turned toward me, her back now against the windows. "Until this moment, I envied you with Doreen. She's so strong, she makes me feel wanted for the right reasons. And, safe. In this city, in this environment, that counts for a lot. But now. . ." she began, turning back to stare out the window over the San Francisco cityscape, her head down and shaking,". . . and now, what, Beverly?" I whispered, walking to the window to stand beside her. I was conscious of just how statuesque Beverly was, tall, at least 5'11" or more, slender, with long, long legs, long, what looked like natural, blonde hair. She was a frighteningly beautiful woman, a San Francisco version of a beach bunny.Beverly turned toward me and stared. "Who are you, Randi?" she fairly shouted. "You show ukranian xxx models up on our doorstep, the centerpiece of the corporate storm, even here, 3,000 german model nude miles from your home base. Everyone is in awe of you when you arrive on the scene. Even Doreen shook in her boots when you first came here. And, then, you blithely walk out of here with Doreen and proceed to make love all day and night before your plane left."Turning away, Beverly walked across the room, arms folded. "And now, you come here again and Doreen was so excited all week. God, I was so pissed at you, so fucking angry and . . . jealous, I supermodel mommies guess," she said, her voice raising as she turned to me, anger in her voice and eyes. Who the fuck are you?""Wow! Did you rehearse that all day or just make it up as you went along?" I said, sitting again on the corner of Doreen's desk. "Jealousy little model teens can be a really bad thing, kiddo. Sometimes healthy, if you channel it the right way." I stared at this beautiful woman and knew then that my instincts were correct when I told myself that there was so much more to making love to a woman than her body and her face. (But, what a body and face, I added to myself)."Look, Beverly," I continued, beginning to pace the room. "I'm going to tell you exactly who I am. I'm EVP for this company and earned every fucking bit of it. Everyone here and around the company knows that. Eighteen hour days, flying thousands of miles every week putting out the fires, sometimes neglecting the greatest husband and kids a woman pretty prteen models could ever hope for . . . and, a personal friend to a great woman named Doreen."I stopped in front of her, looking up into her stunned icy blue eyes. "And, do not even begin to try to intimidate me, girlfriend. No one can do that," I said, my typical redhead temper now fairly blazing."Now, bukake petite model I'm going to tell you who you appear to be." I said, moving into her face. "Based on what Doreen told me, I get it that you're a very intelligent, very sensitive young babe model sex woman. A quite stunning one, as a matter of fact. And, sorry to say, a very jealous one, like a child angry at me for taking away your favorite toy."I reached out and took her hands in mine. teen nede model "With absolutely no fucking reason to be that way. Look, Toots, I have a full, great life and that includes many very, very close and personal friends. Doreen is close to the top of that list. Let not your heart be troubled, love. Don't know where I heard that one," I added with a giggle."Pretty lady, listen to me," I continued. "I'm not your enemy or even your competition." I reached up and cupped her beautiful face in my hands, drawing her close. My lips reached out to touch her bee-stung lips, my teeth wrapping tightly around her pouting bottom lip. Stunned by the suddenness of my assault on her mouth, she squealed lightly, moving closer to me, her arms sliding around my waist, pulling me closer to her, her large breasts pressing against my collarbone. Shit, her strong arms actually lifted me off the ground, high enough for the kiss to be poses for models really effective. My tongue delved deep into her mouth as my own arms wrapped around her back. I quickly found her long, thick tongue and began caressing it. We anya model nude were both groaning now, juices beginning to flow.I broke the kiss quickly and settled to the floor, staring into her lustrous eyes. "Perhaps when I come back, love. But, not right now. You've got a lot of thinking to do, a lot of things to get straight in your mind. And, you've got to get Doreen back in shape."Now, lets assemble the troops and figure awesome teen models out their status. Then, we all pay a visit to Doreen before returning to New York. Okay?""Yeah, sure," Beverly said, disappointed, her fingers straightening her hair and clothes. "Look, I'm sorry for what I said, Randi. I'm just upset about Doreen.""Well, you should be. You're fired. Just kidding, love. You don't have anything to worry about, Beverly. models teen banner Now, come on. Let's see what goes in that conference room. " We left Doreen's office and walked to the conference room, directed there by Janine's big black models powerful lungs, obviously putting someone in their proper place. As we entered the room, all talk abruptly ceased, Janine's hand poised at the white board."How's it going?" I asked."Great, Boss," Janine said, dusting, wiping the ink marks from her fingers. "We should be finished this afternoon and be on our way home. How's Doreen?" she asked, actual concern showing on her weathered, chubby face."She's much better," Beverly offered. "Mild heart attack, should be back at work next Monday.""Great," Janine exclaimed. "Now, how about some food?" she added, to great gales of laughter. Several hours later, our work complete and following our visit to the hospital, we returned to the hotel and packed for a late trip home. I was finishing up some work on my laptop when I noticed a business nude childsupermodel card poking out tween bikini models of my dna model projects briefcase. I paused and reached for the card, turning it over and over in my girl model jpg hands, my mind racing ahead. Sarah. . .Let's see, I thought. It's four o'clock, meaning that it's about six in Chicago. Sliding the card back and forth across my teeth, I decided. I reached into my briefcase and took out my cell phone, attaching it to the cradle on my Thinkpad. I logged onto the Internet, which automatically brought up my nude preteem models AOL Messenger account. Glancing at the card, I entered Sarah's id and waited for a blank message page. When it appeared, I typed:" . . . Sarah:Hi. Received your little present before I left on my current trip to San Francisco. How did you keep it so fresh? Finished early and am heading back to New York a day early. Since I am so early, I've decided to change my plans a little bit and do a little nighttime sightseeing in Chicago. I just reserved a suite at the Hilton Chicago O'hare. Under my name, of course. I should be checking into the hotel at around 11PM tonight. My plane to New York will leave O'hare at about 930AM tomorrow morning.Love,Randi . . ."I sent the message with a high priority, knowing there was not a lot I could do if she did not turn on her computer this evening. I called Ryan and said that I was going to make a quick stopover in Chicago and should be back at around noon tomorrow. Through the coughing, sneezing and sniffling, he assured me that no one would want to be near him right now and that the kidlets were taking good care of him. After speaking to all three, I hung up and finished packing.It was almost eleven PM when the plane finished multiple loops of O'hare (as usual) and I left the bulk of my luggage with the airline. I checked into the Hilton and took the elevator to my suite. Exhausted, I undressed and climbed into the shower, soaking my weary bones and muscles, reviewing the day and wondering about the evening.Dressed in more than form-fitting jeans and a black, bulky turtleneck sweater, models sex pics I turned on my Bose, letting Beethoven's Piano Concerto #5 filter throughout the beautiful main room. I checked my telephone for messages, found none and turned on the television. I dropped into the soft, deep sofa and leaned back to relax. After a while, I glanced at my watch and saw that it was already 1:30AM and decided that I had made a very bad judgment on this deal. Turning off the television, I began amputee models nude to straighten up and arrange my work in my briefcase before going to sleep.I flicked off the lights and headed toward child model sexy the bedroom when I heard something, a loud banging sound from the hallway. Reaching into my carryon bag, I extracted a small combat knife that I always traveled with (and am well trained to use) and cautiously approached the door. The peephole revealed nothing and I turned to leave when I heard something new: a moan.My first thought was that someone had been attacked in the hall and I opened the door, feet and hands poised in a defensive mode. Huddled against the wall beside my door, holding her knees against her chest was Sarah.I knelt down beside Sarah and reached out to cup her chin in heroin models my hand. "Sarah? It is you, isn't it? Are you alright?" I whispered. "Should I call the desk for help?"She kept her face buried in her arms and murmured, "No, no, I'm alright. I'm okay. Please. Just give me a minute to pull myself together. I'm okay, really." "Are you hurt?""No, no. Damn it, I'm just so embarrassed. That's all. I've been sitting here for over an hour, deciding what glamour models ******** to do and I fell asleep. I jerked awake and cracked my head against the wall." "Oh, my God, is it alright? Let me check." I reached for her hair, spreading it apart, looking for any blood. Nothing. Then, I leaned back on my haunches and stared at her for a moment until I saw her eyes emerge, checking to see if I were still staring at her. Suddenly, I could young models mpegs hold back no more and burst into a loud belly laugh, lost my balance and crashed ass first onto the hallway rug."Stop laughing," she cried, reaching out to punch my arm, slipping and falling over. I reached out to catch her older model nokia and grabbed her hands, lifting her to her feet. Wow! She was tiny, probably less than five feet tall. "Come on in, Sarah," I said, guiding her inside. "Let's talk."Reluctantly, Sarah followed me into the suite, visibly sharonmodel shuddering as I closed the door behind us. "Please be careful not to trip over that bullwhip and the 13 inch spiked heels on the floor. Oh, and the handcuffs on the table are for other guests," I warned, giggling again."It's not funny, Randi. I'm petrified. I don't know what I'm doing here. When I got your email, I almost deleted it. I was going to answer it and tell you that you misinterpreted my message, but somehow, I found myself driving over here. I parked and checked at the desk, took the elevator elite young models up and lost my nerve," she said before dropping into onto the sofa.For the first time, I looked at Sarah. She was short, perhaps 4'10"-4'11", not fat, but zoftig, her brown hair shoulder length and shiny, her face chubby but cute, large, brown eyes, a perfect, well-built nose. Wearing a beautiful brown, full length leather coat and what appeared to be a tight black turtleneck, she was adorable. A cuddly little bear.Moving to the far side of the sofa, I sat, a nice, discrete distance. "How about a glass of wine? They left plenty as a gift here. And, may I take your coat or are you planning to run off as soon as I go to the kitchen?" I asked, a gentle smile on my lips.Her eyes fixed on mine, searching for something, trying to decide what she indeed planned to do. Finally, she stood and slid her coat from her shoulders and reluctantly handed black model porn it to me. I smiled at her and walked to the front closet to hang up her coat.Smiling again, I entered the kitchen, calling to her. "Do you live far from the airport, Sarah?" I poured two white wines and returned to the large living room."Kind of. About a half hour without traffic," she said, happy to be talking about something that kept her from facing the reason for her visit. I handed her a glass, accepting her nod of thanks and sat down again. "So, Sarah, tell me about yourself."I learned that Sarah was an executive with the Chicago Teachers' Union, had received her two MBAs from the University of Illinois and taught in the school ukrainian teen models system there for 10 years before moving on to the Union. She was 31, married and divorced, no children and a school principal boyfriend."Very impressive, Sarah," I said, sipping my white wine. " And why are you here?""Good question," Sara said, looking around the room before stand and walking modelo desnuda famosas to the sliders to the balcony. "I honestly don't know, Randi," she whispered, almost too softly to be heard. "I guess I've always been curious and when I watched you and your friend, I kind of lost myself in fantasies. As for the panties, when I was in the bathroom, the smell was so overpowering I couldn't resist it. Kind of consumed me, I guess."I walked to the window to stand near her, letting the tension between us slowly evaporate. "Can I tell you what being bisexual means to me?" Without waiting for her response, I began. "To me it's sharing my life for a time sexy lingere models with someone for whom I really care, who is interesting to me and interested in me for more than just the purely physical form. I don't care for indiscriminate sexual encounters, Sarah. I owe myself more than that and that also violates a covenant between my husband and myself.""Why did you arrange this meeting, then?""I just wanted to thank you for returning my favorite panties, sweetheart," I said, my hand slowly reaching for her chin, alyssa child model lifting her face as my lips gently touched hers. Sarah pulled back for a moment, staring at me, her fingers touching her lips, her eyebrows furled. Slowly, I reached out to touch her hair where it fell across her shoulder, pinching a tuft between my thumb and forefinger. I kept my eyes on Sarah's, letting her know that she was in no danger."I haven't turned into a bat in years, Sarah," I smiled, watching as her fingers came up to touch my hand. When they didn't pull my hand away, I let the back of my fingers touch her soft cheek, feeling the shudder pass through her. I watched her eyes slowly close, clenched tightly, her hand reaching mine and holding it tight against her."I . . . I don't know . gis model . ." Sarah murmured, her eyes glistening. She turned xxx model thumbnail back to stare out the window. Without a word, I walked away, leaving her alone with her indecision. I walked to the sofa and sat down, watching her, waiting for her. She slowly turned, her brow again furled, questioning. "Why did you walk away?""Sarah, I want to talk to you. Come on over here and sit down, please," I said, watching as she ventured over, taking a spot at the far end of the sofa. " Much as it may seem otherwise to you, Sarah, I'm still a novice at being a bisexual. And, despite my joking around, I am not a hedonist. I enjoy making love to a woman, Sarah. I don't fuck them. I was fascinated by your gesture and I just thought that at most I would be wasting one evening at a beautiful hotel. But, when it's not right, no amount of wooing will help."I rose and reached my hand to Sarah, who accepted it gingerly. "I think you'd better leave now, Sarah. You have my phone number and my email address. When if you decide you want to go further, I'm willing and able," I said, leading her to the door. I picked up her coat and held it as she slipped her arms inside. As I held the door open, I stopped her."Just so you understand what you're missing, Sarah," I began, gently cupping her pudgy cheeks in my hands. I very lightly touched my lips to hers, my tongue reaching out to lick them. My teeth wrapped around her lower lip, lightly chewing it, her breathing becoming forced, gasping. My hand wrapped around her neck and pulled her lips hard against mine, my tongue sliding deftly into her mouth, seeking, and finding hers, tasting her saliva. Slowly, I pulled back, smiling at her obviously shock face."Night, Sarah," I whispered, closing the door.I walked back to the desk and fired up my Thinkpad. Within moments, I was online in my favorite chat room, meeting with one of my favorite cyber friends, MagicFingers. Of course, her best friend, Aunt Sue, was already there with her, realtime, so a long evening beckoned from Seattle.Suddenly, I heard something. Not a knock, more of a scratching on the door. Leaving a brb on the computer screen, I walked to the door and opened it. Standing there, tears streaming down her beautiful, chubby face was Sarah. Her large eyes looked up at me and my heart simply melted. I reached out and took her hands and led her into my suite, closing the door behind me."I . . . I don't know what . . ." Sarah began. I stopped her with a finger across her lips. I kissed her lightly and led her to the sofa. "Be right back," I whispered. I walked back to my desk and entered a single line, immediately understood by my cyber friends. "See you tomorrow, ladies," I typed and turned off my Thinkpad.I walked back to Sarah and held out my hand to her. Shakily, she accepted it and I helped her up and slid her long leather coat from her shoulders. I stepped back for a moment to take in this innocent, frightened child-woman.She was dressed in a short skirt that news nude modelling displayed her slightly chubby legs well above her knees. A wool sweater bulged under the strain of her large breasts, her nipples already hard and pointing through her bra. Her hair was longer than I remembered, gracing her shoulders in a light brown shade that circled her cherubic face. An extremely pretty girl, her mascara streaked her face from tears of fear? No, not fear. Confusion. Lust.I urged Sarah to sit down and knelt before her, keeping my eyes locked on hers, my hands gently resting on her thighs. I could feel the shudder pass through her body, her eyes clenched shut as I began to knead the soft skin, my fingers teasing the soft smoothness of her inner thighs. pedo models videos I leaned down to kiss her just above the knees, letting my tongue tease the soft skin of her thighs. Her head leaned back, a low moan leaving her throat. As I licked up her inner thighs, my hands moved around beneath her skirt, stroking her hips, gently squeezing the flesh. Sarah's hands tentatively touched my thick red curls, keeping my face between her soft, velvety smooth thighs. I could smell her leakage now, breathing deeply, savoring the odor.I lifted my head and moved between Sarah's legs, my hands reaching for her face. I cupped her cheeks in my hands and gently kissed her quivering lips, my tongue running all over them, tasting her, letting her know that I would always treat her gently. She was whimpering continually now as her mouth opened for me, her tongue reaching out into mine, searching for my tongue. At nude models skinny the touch of my tongue, she groaned loudly, her hands reaching out to pull my face hard into hers. Our tongues searched wildly, seeking and finding the most sensitive of areas.I let my hands clean nude model slide down to Sarah's shoulders, gently kneading the flesh as our kiss intensified. Further down, I gently squeezed her arms, feeling the softness of the flesh on the backs of her arms. Maintaining the kiss, I gently urged her to her feet, bending far over my shorter lover to keep our kiss intact. Finally breaking our kiss, I smiled, her eyes wide in anticipation."Last chance, Sarah," I whispered, my hands sliding beneath her arms and around her back, pulling her forward until my breasts pressed hard against her larger globes. I felt her arms slowly wrap around my neck."God, Randi. I was so frightened. I've know ever since that night on the plane that I wanted this, wanted it so bad I could taste it," she whispered, avoiding my eyes. "I masturbated so many times, holding and sniffing your panties," she continued, embarrassment obvious in her voice."But now, in your arms, I'm not frightened anymore. Please, make love to me. Teach me. I want you so much," she breathed, reaching up to pull my face down to hers, her lips hungrily seeking mine. I let her kiss me, feeling her way, her tongue delving into my mouth, searching. I pulled her hard against me as I returned the fire in her kiss, determined to make this the most memorable night of her life. I released her for only as long as necessary pakistan nude model to place my vika model trusty John Coltrane CD into my Bose and, smiling at her, took her hand to lead her into the bedroom.As the soft jazz filled the suite with its power, I led Sarah to the bed. I lifted her sweater free toplist model child of her skirt and pulled it over her head. I watched as her large breasts came into view, teenmodel thumb still wrapped in a straining bra, her nipples clearly visible through the thin material. So big for such a small woman, I thought. So beautiful!I knelt before her and opened her skirt, slowly pulling the zipper down, watching her eyes, tightly clenched, her lower lip locked between her teeth. ebony females models As the material passed over her hips and large, beautiful ass, she shivered again as I watched her legs come into view. Her legs were visibly weakened as I gazed at the wetness coating the bottom of her V. As her skirt puddle around her ankles, I moved closer, pressing my nose against the wetness, taking in the odor of her flowing juices. A slight cry came from Sarah as my nose touched her sex.Rising, I touched the softness of Sarah's naked childs model arms, gently squeezing them as I continued behind her back to unfasten her bra. As it loosened, she cried out, her hands automatically grasping the material, holding it to her chest. Smiling, I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the nose as I gently pulled the bra from her hands. I gasped as her perfectly rounded breasts tumbled free. They were so perfectly rounded, full and firm, her nipples at least a half inch long, a deep red and thick, as perfect as large pencil erasers. Surrounded by large, very dark caps, her breasts and nipples were magnificent.I knelt before Sarah and touched the band of her pure white panties at her hips. My fingers slid beneath the waistband and slowly began to draw them down over her hips and her ass. She was shaking like a leaf as the panties came down to her thighs, her thick, curly brown haired pussy came into view, beads of cum juice copiously flowing from her sex coated the hair as I eased them down past her knees to join her skirt around her models in biknis ankles. I touched her calf and helped her step out of them. She stood before me entirely naked, her hands crossed over her delightful pussy.Sarah was adorable, perhaps 20 pounds overweight, but well carried. As I leaned back on my heels, I was startled at kidssex models the little-girl appearance of her, the vulnerability, the innocence. The desire. I rose and took her hands and set her down on the bed and began to undress.I slowly pulled my bulky black turtleneck sweater up my stomach to my unencumbered breasts, raising them, then letting them fall, jiggling into place and continuing up and over my head. With the sweater still covering my face, I heard Sarah's sharp intake of breath and smiled, letting my ego fully inflate. I'm kind of proud of my breasts, 36C (almost D!), still full and firm, rounded, with hard, bright red nipples, a half-inch long when erect as they were now.Dropping the sweater to the floor, I loosened my Gucci horse's heads belt buckle and opened my jeans. They were more than form fitting, being extremely tight and tailored. I slowly pulled my zipper down, luxuriating in the vibration against my black-panty clad pussy. I pulled my jeans down over my hips and my ass, slowly letting my panties come into Sarah's view, then slowly down my thighs, my knees, my calves and finally off. I kicked them away and slowly did a (sexy?) 360 for Sarah. I watched her glock models eyes, grown wide as the old Keane painted children's eyes as she took in my body. All those martial arts workouts had keep my body in shape.Slowly, I turned my back to Sarah and began to slide my panties down. I let Sarah watch as my firm ass came into view, listening as her breathing became more forced, more out of control. As the panties slid down my thighs, I leaned over to pull them off, giving Sarah a clear view of my ass and hornby models products my pussy. When I turned around to face her, my red models brunettes fur-clad pussy was already wet with my flowing juices.I walked over to the bed and held out my hand to Sarah, lifting her to her feet, her eyes down. I put a finger beneath her chin and lifted her face to mine and gently kissed her lips. I closed the distance between us until her huge breasts touched me just beneath mine, her nipples threatening to cut my skin with their hardness. I let my hands touch the softness of her skin, fingers tracing lines the full length of her back. She shivered, her legs actually buckling under her weight as I grasped her waist, holding her against my body.I sat on the edge of the bed and brought Sarah to me, pulling her down onto my lap. I wanted to treat her as I would a child, cuddling her, soothing her, letting her know that she was safe in my arms. As she sat down, I experienced a series of mini-orgasms at the touch of her body on mine, her ass, soft and full, her pussy, wet and hot. Her breasts were nearly at mouth level and I couldn't resist reaching out with my tongue to touch her nearest nipple. Sarah screamed at my touch and reached out to hold my head, pushing me harder onto her nipple. My hands began to caress her, touching her hip, tracing lines down her thigh, feeling her begin to wriggle uncontrollably at my touch."Oh, God, Randi, oh, my God . . ." Sarah whispered, her hands holding tight to my head as I began to nurse at her breast. I brought my hand up to cup and squeeze her soft, smooth breasts, pushing as much of her fullness into my mouth as possible. I continued to suck at her breast, enjoying the softness, the sweet, sweet taste. I brought my teeth down to gently bite her nipple, letting my tongue pass over the hard, sweet nubbin. Sarah began to moan over and over as I felt her hands begin teenie nn models to touch my bare skin, my shoulders, my arms, my sides.Finally, I could wait no longer for Sarah. I gently lifted her from my lap and laid her down onto the bed. She lay there staring at me, waiting, not knowing what to do. I lay beside her, smiling at her warmly, gently stroking her face, moving a fallen strand of hair from her eyes. I leaned down to kiss her again, gently touching her lips with my tongue. As her mouth opened, my tongue slid inside, licking teen model tipi over her teeth, her gums, searching for the insides of her cheeks and, finally, her tongue. I let my hand drift from her face to her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, down to her arm, stroking gently. My hand moved slowly to her beautiful breast, touching the side of it, then drifting down to stroke beneath it. Finally, I cupped her breast in my hand, squeezing the softness, rolling it around her chest. I took her nipple in my thumb and forefinger and squeezed, pulling gently on it. Sarah groaned into my mouth at my ministrations.My mouth left Sarah's and began to travel down her satine teen model body, stopping at her shoulder to lick and taste her body. My teeth grasped flesh, lightly chewing, my tongue teasing her skin. My mouth followed my hands, licking at the sides and underside of her breasts, kissing the softness, tasting the sweat that accumulated there. My tongue traveled children erotic models up to lick all around her breast cap, feeling each and every tiny bump until finally touching her nipple. Sarah's body arched, involuntarily, thrusting her breast into my mouth. I began to suck and suck hard, pulling the cap and nipple into my mouth, chewing on her nipples."Agggggh, Randi," Sarah cried. "Oh, my God, I'm leaking . . .""Mmmm. Not just yet, my sweetheart. We're just beginning," I whispered, kissing and licking her breasts over and over. My mouth began to move down her tummy, touching the tiny rolls of baby fat, tasting her salty flesh. As my tongue reached her belly button, she shivered again, pushing her body up hard. My tongue delved into her opening, pushing at her navel. Squealing, her hands came down to hold my mouth to her.Kissing and licking further down her body, my tongue touched the hairs of her pussy, the beads of cum there teasing my palette, making he hungry for more. But, not yet. No, I wanted Sarah to experience the full effect. I began to lick across to her hip, touching the softness there with the tip of my tongue and down her thigh. Her cries of "No, please, come back" were ignored as I continued to tease the softness of her body. My hands kept caressing her soft thighs, her calves, touching every point of access on her body.As my tongue began to touch the absolutely perfect smoothness of Sarah's inner thighs, she spread them slightly, opening my pathway to her center. I reached my hands around her hips and wrapped them around the cheeks of her ass, clutching and squeezing them as my mouth moved closer and closer to my final target. My fingers touched the crack of her ass, bringing more screams of "More, please Randi, more!"Sarah was now writhing uncontrollably as my mouth moved closer and closer to her pussy. Finally, my tongue touched the bottom of her slit, just above her ass. Sarah screamed at my touch, her juices flowing more thickly now. I let those juices fall onto my tongue and brought them into my mouth. From beneath her body, my thumbs now began to spread her pussy lips apart, providing access to the sweet folds of flesh inside her. My tongue touched her hole gently, licking at the juices that flowed more copiously now. Moving further up, I spied her clittie, standing straight, hardened, pulsating red. I dropped my teeth over the nubbin, lightly biting it, my tongue flicking over its tip."Oh, Godddd, Oh, God, I'm coming," Sarah cried, her hands pushing with all her might against my head, keeping my mouth locked over her pussy, my teeth on her clittie. I moved down and forced the full length of my hardened tongue deep into her hole, sucking hard, moving my face like a puppy dog, bringing out spurts of cum into my mouth, swallowing, swallowing, licking as Sarah writhed and screamed her orgasm. With a final, powerful arching of her pelvis, Sarah froze as the overwhelming force of her orgasm hit her.Moments later, my mouth filled with her flow, I crawled up to lay next to Sarah, my leg across her body, her head cradled in my arms. Her face rested against my breast, her lips gently kissing liittle young models it, her hands lightly caressing little model darlings my thigh. Finally, her eyes opened and she stared into mine."Oh, my God. . ." Sarah whispered, her breath and heartbeat finally beginning to return to a semblance of normality. "My God, I never . . .never expected something like that! What have you done to me, xenia teen model Randi?" she continued, a relaxed and comfortable smile again filling her soft features. I smiled at her, holding her close."I never would have believed it could be so wonderful, Randi," she said, leaning over to kiss me again. "But, now, it's your turn," she added, a smile on her lips."It's your first time, love. You don't owe me anything. I had many, many little mini-orgasms all the time I was making love to you, sweetheart."Ignoring my words, Sarah began to kiss my breasts, licking them, sucking my nipple into her mouth, trying to remember what I had done, what she would love to have done to her. I shivered at the touch of her teeth on my nipple, the hand now squeezing my breast. Sarah began to devour my breasts as her hands busied themselves elsewhere, touching everywhere she could reach, my thighs, my hips. She knelt beside me, sucking at my breast as her hand moved over my thighs and my calves as my legs bent, feet planted on the bed.Looking up at me for approval, she began to kiss down my tightly muscled tummy, licking all over my skin to my belly button. I began to moan loudly as her tongue dipped into my navel opening, pushing as hard as I had to her. I could feel her fingers touching my red bush, pulling on the hairs, her fingers parting my pussy lips, dipping into me. I cried out at the intrusion of her fingers, feeling my juices flowing at her touch. Her mouth moved lower, touching and licking the juices from my pussy hair, rolling them around in her mouth, sweet young model enjoying her first ever taste of another woman.Her inexperience was overshadowed by her desire to please me and it was working! My God, I was shaking like a leaf as her tongue now touched the top of my pussy slit. Her fingers opened my pussy to her tongue, bondage fetish model licking hard at my engorged clittie, her boys model toplist lips sucking it into her mouth, working hard at it, bringing me to the edge."Oh, God, Sarah, suck me. Suck my pussy. I'm so close. Please!" I cried as she opened me wide and stuck her tongue deep into my hole. Crying, my orgasm began to build."Oh, sweet God, I'm comingggggg, Oh, younger models russia shittttttt . . ." I cried, holding her face hard against my overflowing pussy. Flying high, over the top of the mountain again, I came repeatedly, pouring my juices into her sucking mouth as her hands held my ass tight, squeezing, touching, coming.When I was finally able to talk again, Sarah had crawled back into my arms, kissing me, tasting herself on my lips, me tasting myself on hers. We fell asleep in each other's arms, pledging more trips and meetings in Chicago.Stay tuned for Randi XII. Please, please, and another please keep your emails coming to my toni526 hotmail email address.
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